Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

Parafield Olives win GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE

at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2018.

In what was noted by the judges as a year of
“particularly high standards”
Parafield Olives have been awarded medals for each variety entered
in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show this year, which makes it three consecutive years.
Securing two gold, two silver and two bronze medals* and achieving highest scoring overall olive product in the show with the Leccino, which included olive oils,  flavoured oils and flavoured olives categories.
This gaggle of awards confirms Parafield Olive’s faith in their
organic farming practices and caustic free processing.

Parafield table olives are an organically produced probiotic food, low in carbs and a delicious source of antioxidants, vitamin E, iron and calcium

*Gold: Leccino – Deep mauve to light brown. Gold: Wallis – Green Olives.
Silver: Green Manzanillo – Green Olives. Silver: Palermo – Carousel of port wine, browns, greens and yellow.
Bronze: Kalamata – Deep magenta. Bronze: Wild – Purple.
All naturally cured in salt brine not caustic


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